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The Community today facing the future

The Community today facing the future

Today the Community counts 500 people. After the grim years of fascism and occupation the sense of belonging that had always been part of ghetto life throughout the centuries was further reinforced by the efforts made to reconstruct what had been destroyed. Today the Venice community is of such cultural vitality that it is often a centre for the cultural life of the entire city.

In fact, the number of cultural initiatives launched seems totally out of proportion to the small size of the community itself: every year, for example, there is an international conference on Hebrew Studies, with particular reference to the history and culture of the Veneto. Other conferences, exhibitions and seminars are held throughout the course of the year.

The temples not only serve as places of worship but also provide lessons on the sacred texts and the Talmud for both children and adults, along with courses in Modern Hebrew, while other social facilities include a kindergarten, an old people's home, A guest house, The Kosher House Giardino dei Melograni, and a bakery.Along with its architectural and artistic monuments, the community also boasts a Museum of Jewish Art and the Renato Maestro Library and Archive.

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